What should aquaculture cage technology pay attention to?

Aquaculture cage aquaculture technology for aquaculture is a very common technique, the main is the breeding of aquatic products in feeding within the mesh to fixed-point quantitative breeding, also can prevent the aquatic escape at the same time, the existing technology of the mesh are simple through the braided wire connection between, this approach is applicable in small digging, but there are for tidal beach is not appropriate, can easily lead to a mesh from, so you need to design a suitable device used for breeding of the mesh cage of the sea.


The traditional aquaculture industry adopts the technique of bottom seeding. Taking the sea cucumber as an example, it is limited to adopt the method of cultivation on the sea bottom and reef beach. And farmers breeding varieties are single, this is mainly because of the limitation of farming instruments, for example, farming instruments of scallops with similar to the net, net twine is soft, but for the software biological differs from that of scallop shell shellfish such as sea cucumber can protect themselves, have to use the hardware aquaculture cages, avoid injury, in order to achieve good breeding purposes. And from a scientific point of view, aquatic products can be mixed to help their growth, such as scallop excrement is the natural food for the growth of sea cucumber.

Post time: Apr-27-2020
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