How to install a fish cage

The key to the installation of the cage is to ensure that the cage is fully stretched and stable. First of all, we need to know the length of the cage, ranging from 1m to 10m

We take the most common short one as an example. We suggest that a short cage with bamboo poles on both ends of the cage should be placed on the Bank of the river, and the two sides should be straightened and inserted into the sand in the water. The mouth should be on both sides, not one up and one down, because there will be more small shrimps on the bank, especially beside the water and grass, because it is difficult to catch large fish if the cage is small, In order to achieve this goal, the cage should be set up and strengthened with super strong and high-quality framework.

When installing the cage in the big water area, several bamboos should be inserted at each side and bottom. Of course, don’t forget to put food bait, such as bone, especially chicken bone, in the cage before you go down the river

It is recommended to put large-scale ground cages in the middle of the river, and put some chicken intestines in them. Because black fish can be caught, they can be put along the water. It is recommended to put them in a few more days and then collect the net. The goods will be less in one day and two days

Post time: Apr-22-2020
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