About us

Evergrowing is a leading supplier of floating fish cages for fish farming in inland and offshore waters. We are dedicated to design and provide high quality fish cages catered to your needs and local conditions.

Overfishing has resulted in significant depletion of wild fish stocks. Fish cage farming exists as an environmentally sustainable solution to this problem. Evergrowing has been working on the development, manufacture and sales of different types of floating fish cages. The cages we supply will be tailored to your particular requirements. Our range includes small units ideal for research work or fry production right up to giant circular HDPE fish cages capable of working in oceanic conditions.

The company has attained and continues on a steady growth in fish cages supplying.

Expand presence in the market and unlock other market potentials worldwide.

During years of development, we have built close cooperative relationships with China Ocean University, Fisheries Institute and experienced aquaculture scientists worldwide. We are supplier of solutions and services in order to improve your profitability.

Evergrowing is your ideal partner in developing fish cage farming project.



Ambitious and long-term,Flexible and holistic



To provide the best equipment to save costs and improve production



Foster an environmentally and ecologically responsible business

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